Computer Tune-Up & Maintenance

Over time, your computer (Mac, PC, or Linux) collects bloatware, adware, toolbars, and temporary files that you don't need. All of these things slow your computer down and cause error messages. Our tune-up service is $59 and takes only a few hours. You can drop your computer off any time, no appointment necessary. This service includes:

  • 1
    File System Cleaning & Tuning

    We'll removal extra files and programs that you don't need. This process helps your computer run faster and have less errors.

  • 2
    Start-Up Tuning

    We'll review your computer start up settings and tune them to make sure you're computer is starting as quickly as possible.

  • 3
    Hardware Assessment and Cleaning

    We'll physically clean the inside of your computer to remove dust that builds up on fans and vents over time. We'll aslo run hardware tests to ensure everything is working as it should be!

In-Store Services

Walk-in service is welcome and always available. For faster service, you can use the link below to schedule an in-store appointment to ensure someone is immediately available to assist you.

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In-Home & Pick Up Services

We can come to you to work on your computer, phone, printer, or entertainment system. On-Site visits are a minimum one-hour charge of $79. We can also pick up and drop off your device for FREE.

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